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gmx::anonymous_namespace{densityfit.cpp}::DensitySimilarityRelativeEntropy Class Referencefinal

Inherits gmx::DensitySimilarityMeasureImpl.


Implementation for DensitySimilarityRelativeEntropy.

The similarity measure itself is documented in DensitySimilarityMeasureMethod::RelativeEntropy.

Public Member Functions

 DensitySimilarityRelativeEntropy (density referenceDensity)
 Construct similarity measure by setting the reference density.
density gradient (density comparedDensity) override
 The gradient for the relative entropy similarity measure.
< DensitySimilarityMeasureImpl > 
clone () override
 Clone this.
real similarity (density comparedDensity) override
 The similarity between reference density and compared density.
- Public Member Functions inherited from gmx::DensitySimilarityMeasureImpl
virtual density gradient (density comparedDensity)=0
 Derivative of the density similarity measure at all voxels. More...
virtual real similarity (density comparedDensity)=0
 Similarity between reference and compared density. More...
virtual std::unique_ptr
< DensitySimilarityMeasureImpl > 
clone ()=0
 clone to allow copy operations

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from gmx::DensitySimilarityMeasureImpl
using density = DensitySimilarityMeasure::density
 convenience typedef

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