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gmx::internal::AnalysisDataStorageFrameData Class Reference


Internal representation for a single stored frame.

It is implemented such that the frame header is always valid, i.e., header().isValid() returns always true.

Methods in this class do not throw unless otherwise indicated.

Public Types

enum  Status { eMissing, eStarted, eFinished, eNotified }
 Indicates what operations have been performed on a frame. More...

Public Member Functions

 AnalysisDataStorageFrameData (AnalysisDataStorageImpl *storageImpl, int index)
 Create a new storage frame. More...
bool isStarted () const
 Whether the frame has been started with startFrame().
bool isFinished () const
 Whether the frame has been finished with finishFrame().
bool isNotified () const
 Whether all notifications have been sent.
bool isAvailable () const
 Whether the frame is ready to be available outside the storage.
void markNotified ()
 Marks the frame as notified.
AnalysisDataStorageImplstorageImpl () const
 Returns the storage implementation object.
const AbstractAnalysisDatabaseData () const
 Returns the underlying data object (for data dimensionalities etc.).
const AnalysisDataFrameHeaderheader () const
 Returns header for the frame.
int frameIndex () const
 Returns zero-based index of the frame.
int pointSetCount () const
 Returns the number of point sets for the frame.
void clearFrame (int newIndex)
 Clears the frame for reusing as a new frame.
void startFrame (const AnalysisDataFrameHeader &header, AnalysisDataFrameBuilderPointer builder)
 Initializes the frame during AnalysisDataStorage::startFrame(). More...
AnalysisDataStorageFramebuilder () const
 Returns the builder for this frame.
void addPointSet (int dataSetIndex, int firstColumn, ArrayRef< const AnalysisDataValue > v)
 Adds a new point set to this frame.
AnalysisDataFrameBuilderPointer finishFrame (bool bMultipoint)
 Finalizes the frame during AnalysisDataStorage::finishFrame(). More...
AnalysisDataFrameRef frameReference () const
 Returns frame reference to this frame.
AnalysisDataPointSetRef pointSet (int index) const
 Returns point set reference to a given point set.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Indicates what operations have been performed on a frame.


Frame has not yet been started.


startFrame() has been called.


finishFrame() has been called.


Appropriate notifications have been sent.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gmx::internal::AnalysisDataStorageFrameData::AnalysisDataStorageFrameData ( AnalysisDataStorageImpl storageImpl,
int  index 

Create a new storage frame.

storageImplStorage object this frame belongs to.
[in]indexZero-based index for the frame.

Member Function Documentation

AnalysisDataFrameBuilderPointer gmx::internal::AnalysisDataStorageFrameData::finishFrame ( bool  bMultipoint)

Finalizes the frame during AnalysisDataStorage::finishFrame().

The builder object used by the frame, for reusing it for other frames.
void gmx::internal::AnalysisDataStorageFrameData::startFrame ( const AnalysisDataFrameHeader header,
AnalysisDataFrameBuilderPointer  builder 

Initializes the frame during AnalysisDataStorage::startFrame().

[in]headerHeader to use for the new frame.
[in]builderBuilder object to use.

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