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gmx::test::AnalysisDataTestInputPointSet Class Reference

#include <gromacs/analysisdata/tests/datatest.h>


Represents a single set of points in AnalysisDataTestInputFrame structure.

If the data is not multipoint, each frame contains exactly one set of points. If there is more than one set of points, each of these sets is passed separately and AnalysisDataHandle::finishPointSet() called in between.

Public Member Functions

int index () const
 Returns zero-based index of this point set in its frame.
int dataSetIndex () const
 Returns zero-based index of the data set of this point set.
int firstColumn () const
 Returns zero-based index of the first column in this point set.
int lastColumn () const
 Returns zero-based index of the last column in this point set.
int size () const
 Returns the number of columns in the point set.
real y (int i) const
 Returns the value in column i.
bool hasError (int i) const
 Returns whether the error is present for column i.
real error (int i) const
 Returns the error in column i.
AnalysisDataValue value (int i) const
 Returns an AnalysisDataValue for column i.
void addValue (real y)
 Appends a value to this point set.
void addValueWithError (real y, real error)
 Appends a value with an error estimate to this point set.

Static Public Member Functions

static bool present (int)
 Returns whether the value in column i is present.


class AnalysisDataTestInputFrame
 For constructing new point sets.

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