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gmx::test::FloatTypeMatcher< FloatType > Class Template Reference

Inherits MatcherInterface< std::tuple< FloatType, FloatType > >.


template<typename FloatType>
class gmx::test::FloatTypeMatcher< FloatType >

Implementation class for RealEq matcher.

See RealEq().

The implementation is templated so that we can support all of real, float and double in the same build without duplication.

Public Member Functions

 FloatTypeMatcher (const FloatingPointTolerance &tolerance)
bool MatchAndExplain (std::tuple< FloatType, FloatType > arg, testing::MatchResultListener *listener) const override
 Compare the two elements of arg, return whether they are equal, and comment on listener when they are not.
void DescribeTo (::std::ostream *os) const override
 Describe to a human what matching means.
void DescribeNegationTo (::std::ostream *os) const override
 Describe to a human what failing to match means.

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