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gmx::test::NbnxmKernelTestBody Class Reference

Inherits NbnxmKernelTest.


Test case whose body checks that the NBNxM kernel produces correct output.

Normally the declaration of this class would be produced by a call to a macro like TEST_P(KernelTest, WorksWith). That macro places the body of the test case in the TestBody() method, which here is done explicitly.

Note that it is important to use parameters_ to access the values that describe the particular test case, rather than the usual GoogleTest function GetParam(), because the latter no longer works.

Public Member Functions

 NbnxmKernelTestBody (const KernelInputParameters &parameters)
void TestBody () override
 The test.

Public Attributes

KernelInputParameters parameters_
 The test parameters with which the test case was instantiated.

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