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gmx::test::RVecMatcher< FloatType > Class Template Reference

Inherits MatcherInterface< std::tuple< BasicVector< FloatType >, BasicVector< FloatType > > >.


template<typename FloatType>
class gmx::test::RVecMatcher< FloatType >

Implementation class for RvecEq matcher.

See RvecEq().

Public Types

using VectorType = BasicVector< FloatType >
 Convenience type.

Public Member Functions

 RVecMatcher (const FloatingPointTolerance &tolerance)
bool MatchAndExplain (std::tuple< VectorType, VectorType > arg, testing::MatchResultListener *listener) const override
 Compare the two elements of arg, return whether they are equal, and comment on listener when they are not.
void DescribeTo (::std::ostream *os) const override
 Describe to a human what matching means.
void DescribeNegationTo (::std::ostream *os) const override
 Describe to a human what failing to match means.

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