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gmx::test::anonymous_namespace{exactcontinuation.cpp}::ContinuationFramePairManager< FrameReader > Class Template Reference


template<class FrameReader>
class gmx::test::anonymous_namespace{exactcontinuation.cpp}::ContinuationFramePairManager< FrameReader >

Manages comparing a pair of matching energy frames from a normal run and the same run in two parts.

The passed frame readers must contain logically equivalent contents, with no extra or missing frames from either the one- or two-part run.

This class has a similar interface with one in mdcomparison.h, but not enough to warrant extracting an interface class. Perhaps parts of this should be cast as a class that returns iterators to successive frames, so that the fancy footwork for pretending a two-part run is one sequence is separate from the comparison of that sequene with that of the one-part run?
Template Parameters
FrameReaderHas readNextFrame() and frame() methods useful for returning successive Frame objects

Public Types

typedef std::unique_ptr
< FrameReader > 
 Convenience typedef.

Public Member Functions

 ContinuationFramePairManager (FrameReaderPtr full, FrameReaderPtr firstPart, FrameReaderPtr secondPart)
bool shouldContinueComparing ()
 Probe for a pair of valid frames, and return true if both are found. More...
template<class Frame >
void compareAllFramePairs (std::function< void(const Frame &, const Frame &)> compareTwoFrames)
 Compare all possible pairs of frames using compareTwoFrames. More...

Member Function Documentation

template<class FrameReader >
template<class Frame >
void gmx::test::anonymous_namespace{exactcontinuation.cpp}::ContinuationFramePairManager< FrameReader >::compareAllFramePairs ( std::function< void(const Frame &, const Frame &)>  compareTwoFrames)

Compare all possible pairs of frames using compareTwoFrames.

Template Parameters
FrameThe type of frame used in the comparison (returned by FrameReader and used by compareTwoFrames).
template<class FrameReader >
bool gmx::test::anonymous_namespace{exactcontinuation.cpp}::ContinuationFramePairManager< FrameReader >::shouldContinueComparing ( )

Probe for a pair of valid frames, and return true if both are found.

Gives a test failure if exactly one frame is found, because it is an error for either run to have missing or extra frames. Note that the frame where the two-part run ends and begins is duplicated between the two output files by mdrun, and the test accommodates this.

This would be straightforward if velocity Verlet behaved like other integrators.

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