Gromacs  2024.2
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selection Directory Reference
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Parsing and Evaluation of Analysis Selections (selection)


directory  tests
 Unit tests for Parsing and Evaluation of Analysis Selections (selection).


file  centerofmass.cpp
 Implements functions in centerofmass.h.
file  centerofmass.h
 API for calculation of centers of mass/geometry.
file  compiler.cpp
 Selection compilation and optimization.
file  compiler.h
 Declares gmx::SelectionCompiler.
file  evaluate.cpp
 Implements functions in evaluate.h.
file  evaluate.h
 Evaluation functions for sel_evalfunc().
file  indexutil.cpp
 Implements functions in indexutil.h.
file  keywords.h
 Definitions of generic keyword evaluation structures.
file  mempool.cpp
 Implements functions in mempool.h.
file  mempool.h
 Declarations for memory pooling functions.
file  nbsearch.cpp
 Implements neighborhood searching for analysis (from nbsearch.h).
file  params.cpp
 Implements functions in selparam.h.
file  parser_internal.h
 Helper functions for the selection parser.
file  parsetree.cpp
 Implements functions in parsetree.h.
file  parsetree.h
 Handling of intermediate selection parser data.
file  poscalc.cpp
 Implements gmx::PositionCalculationCollection and functions in poscalc.h.
file  poscalc.h
 API for structured and optimized calculation of positions.
file  position.cpp
 Implements functions in position.h.
file  scanner.h
 Parser/scanner interaction functions.
file  scanner_flex.h
file  scanner_internal.cpp
 Helper functions for the selection tokenizer.
file  scanner_internal.h
 Internal header file used by the selection tokenizer.
file  selection.cpp
 Implements classes in selection.h.
file  selectioncollection.cpp
 Implements gmx::SelectionCollection.
file  selectioncollection_impl.h
 Declares private implementation class for gmx::SelectionCollection.
file  selectionfileoption.h
 Declares gmx::SelectionFileOption and gmx::SelectionFileOptionInfo.
file  selectionfileoptionstorage.h
 Declares gmx::SelectionFileOptionStorage.
file  selectionoption.cpp
 Implements classes in selectionoption.h and selectionoptionstorage.h.
file  selectionoptionbehavior.cpp
 Implements gmx::SelectionOptionBehavior.
file  selectionoptionmanager.cpp
 Implements gmx::SelectionOptionManager.
file  selectionoptionstorage.h
 Declares gmx::SelectionOptionStorage.
file  selelem.cpp
 Implements functions in selelem.h.
file  selelem.h
 Declares gmx::SelectionTreeElement and related things.
file  selhelp.cpp
 Implements functions in selhelp.h.
file  selhelp.h
 Functions for initializing online help for selections.
file  selmethod.cpp
 Implements functions in selmethod.h.
file  selmethod.h
 API for handling selection methods.
file  selmethod_impl.h
file  selparam.h
 API for handling parameters used in selections.
file  selvalue.cpp
 Implements functions in selvalue.h.
file  selvalue.h
 Declares gmx_ana_selvalue_t.
file  sm_compare.cpp
 Implements internal selection method for comparison expressions.
file  sm_distance.cpp
 Implements distance-based selection methods.
file  sm_insolidangle.cpp
 Implements the insolidangle selection method.
file  sm_keywords.cpp
 Implements internal selection methods for numeric and string keyword evaluation.
file  sm_merge.cpp
 Implements the merge and plus selection modifiers.
file  sm_permute.cpp
 Implements the permute selection modifier.
file  sm_position.cpp
 Implements position evaluation selection methods.
file  sm_same.cpp
 Implements the same selection method.
file  sm_simple.cpp
 Implements simple keyword selection methods.
file  symrec.cpp
 Implements classes in symrec.h.
file  symrec.h
 Handling of selection parser symbol table.