Gromacs  2024.2
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utility Directory Reference
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Low-Level Utilities (utility)


directory  include
directory  tests
 Unit tests for Low-Level Utilities (utility).


file  alignedallocator.cpp
 Implements AlignedAllocator.
file  any.cpp
 Implements functionality from any.h.
file  basenetwork.cpp
file  baseversion.cpp
file  baseversion_gen.h
 Declares variables that hold generated version information.
file  binaryinformation.cpp
 Implements functionality for printing information about the currently running binary.
file  booltype.cpp
 Implements routines in booltype.h .
file  compare.cpp
file  coolstuff.cpp
 Functionality for printing cool strings.
file  cstringutil.cpp
file  cuda_version_information.h
file  datafilefinder.cpp
 Implements gmx::DataFileFinder.
file  directoryenumerator.cpp
 Implements gmx::DirectoryEnumerator.
file  errorcodes.cpp
 Implements functions in errorcodes.h.
file  errorcodes.h
 Declares error codes and related functions for fatal error handling.
file  errorformat.cpp
 Implements functions declared in errorformat.h.
file  errorformat.h
 Declares an internal helper function for formatting standard error messages.
file  exceptions.cpp
 Implements classes and functions in exceptions.h.
file  fatalerror.cpp
file  fileredirector.cpp
 Implements classes and functions from fileredirector.h.
file  filestream.cpp
 Implements classes from filestream.h.
file  futil.cpp
file  gmxassert.cpp
 Implements assertion handlers.
file  gmxomp.cpp
 Implements functions from gmxomp.h.
file  ikeyvaluetreeerror.cpp
file  init.cpp
 Implements functions from init.h.
file  inmemoryserializer.cpp
 Defines gmx::ISerializer implementation for in-memory serialization.
file  int64_to_int.cpp
file  keyvaluetree.cpp
file  keyvaluetreemdpwriter.cpp
 Defines a function to write a flat key-value tree to look like old-style mdp output.
file  keyvaluetreeserializer.cpp
file  keyvaluetreetransform.cpp
file  logger.cpp
file  loggerbuilder.cpp
file  message_string_collector.cpp
 Implements gmx::MessageStringCollector.
file  mpiinfo.cpp
file  niceheader.cpp
 Implements functions from niceheader.h.
file  nodelete.h
 Declares no_delete deleter for std::shared_ptr.
file  path.cpp
 Implements functions in path.h.
file  physicalnodecommunicator.cpp
 Defines functionality for communicators across physical nodes.
file  pleasecite.cpp
file  programcontext.cpp
 Implements gmx::IProgramContext and related methods.
file  smalloc.cpp
file  strconvert.cpp
 Implements functions in strconvert.h.
file  strdb.cpp
file  stringstream.cpp
 Implements classes from stringstream.h.
file  stringutil.cpp
 Implements functions and classes in stringutil.h.
file  sycl_version_information.cpp
file  sycl_version_information.h
file  sysinfo.cpp
 Implements functions from sysinfo.h.
file  textreader.cpp
 Implements gmx::TextReader.
file  textwriter.cpp
 Implements gmx::TextWriter.
file  txtdump.cpp