Gromacs  2024.2
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analysisdata Directory Reference
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Parallelizable Handling of Output Data (analysisdata)


directory  modules
directory  tests
 Unit tests for Parallelizable Handling of Output Data (analysisdata).


file  abstractdata.cpp
 Implements gmx::AbstractAnalysisData.
file  analysisdata.cpp
 Implements classes in analysisdata.h.
file  arraydata.cpp
 Implements classes in arraydata.h.
file  dataframe.cpp
 Implements classes in dataframe.h.
file  datamodule.cpp
 Implements classes from datamodule.h.
file  datamodulemanager.cpp
 Implements gmx::AnalysisDataModuleManager.
file  datamodulemanager.h
 Declares gmx::AnalysisDataModuleManager.
file  dataproxy.cpp
 Implements gmx::AnalysisDataProxy.
file  dataproxy.h
 Declares gmx::AnalysisDataProxy.
file  datastorage.cpp
 Implements classes in datastorage.h and paralleloptions.h.
file  datastorage.h
 Declares gmx::AnalysisDataStorage.
file  framelocaldata.h
 Defines gmx::AnalysisDataFrameLocalData and supporting types.
file  paralleloptions.h
 Declares gmx::AnalysisDataParallelOptions.