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DispersionCorrection::Correction Struct Reference

#include <gromacs/mdlib/dispersioncorrection.h>


Struct for returning all dispersion correction quantities.

Public Member Functions

void correctVirial (tensor virialTensor) const
 Correct the virial tensor for the missing dispersion. More...

Public Attributes

real virial = 0
 Scalar correction to the virial.
real pressure = 0
 Scalar correction to the pressure.
real energy = 0
 Correction to the energy.
real dvdl = 0
 Correction to dH/dlambda.

Member Function Documentation

void DispersionCorrection::Correction::correctVirial ( tensor  virialTensor) const

Correct the virial tensor for the missing dispersion.

[in,out]virialTensorThe virial tensor to correct

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