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Nbnxm::BoundingBox::Corner Struct Reference

#include <gromacs/nbnxm/grid.h>


Corner for the bounding box, padded with one element to enable 4-wide SIMD operations.

Public Member Functions

const float * ptr () const
 Returns a pointer for SIMD loading of a Corner object.
float * ptr ()
 Returns a pointer for SIMD storing of a Corner object.

Static Public Member Functions

static Corner min (const Corner &c1, const Corner &c2)
 Returns a corner with the minimum coordinates along each dimension.
static Corner max (const Corner &c1, const Corner &c2)
 Returns a corner with the maximum coordinates along each dimension.

Public Attributes

float x
 x coordinate
float y
 y coordinate
float z
 z coordinate
float padding
 padding, unused, but should be set to avoid operations on uninitialized data

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