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Nbnxm::GpuTimers::Interaction Struct Reference

#include <gromacs/nbnxm/gpu_types_common.h>


Timers for local or non-local interaction related operations.

Public Attributes

GpuRegionTimer pl_h2d
 timer for pair-list H2D transfers (l/nl, every PS step)
bool didPairlistH2D = false
 true when a pair-list transfer has been done at this step
GpuRegionTimer nb_k
 timer for non-bonded kernels (l/nl, every step)
GpuRegionTimer prune_k
 timer for the 1st pass list pruning kernel (l/nl, every PS step)
bool didPrune = false
 true when we timed pruning and the timings need to be accounted for
GpuRegionTimer rollingPrune_k
 timer for rolling pruning kernels (l/nl, frequency depends on chunk size)
bool didRollingPrune = false
 true when we timed rolling pruning (at the previous step) and the timings need to be accounted for

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