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gmx::BiasCoupledToSystem Struct Reference
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A bias and its coupling to the system.

This struct is used to separate the bias machinery in the Bias class, which should be independent from the reaction coordinate, from the obtaining of the reaction coordinate values and passing the computed forces. Currently the AWH method couples to the system by mapping each AWH bias to a pull coordinate. This can easily be generalized here.

Public Member Functions

 BiasCoupledToSystem (Bias bias, const std::vector< int > &pullCoordIndex)
 Constructor, couple a bias to a set of pull coordinates. More...

Public Attributes

Bias bias_
 The bias. More...
const std::vector< int > pullCoordIndex_
 The pull coordinates this bias acts on. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gmx::BiasCoupledToSystem::BiasCoupledToSystem ( Bias  bias,
const std::vector< int > &  pullCoordIndex 

Constructor, couple a bias to a set of pull coordinates.

[in]biasThe bias.
[in]pullCoordIndexThe pull coordinate indices.

Member Data Documentation

Bias gmx::BiasCoupledToSystem::bias_

The bias.

const std::vector<int> gmx::BiasCoupledToSystem::pullCoordIndex_

The pull coordinates this bias acts on.

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