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gmx::HardwareTopology::Device Struct Reference

#include <gromacs/hardware/hardwaretopology.h>


Information about a single PCI device.

On many systems the PCI bus is not directly connected to any numa node. For these systems the numaNodeId will be -1, so you cannot rely on this number reflecting a specific numa node.

Public Attributes

std::uint16_t vendorId
 Vendor identification.
std::uint16_t deviceId
 Vendor-specific device identification.
std::uint16_t classId
 class (high 8 bits) and subclass (low 8 bits)
std::uint16_t domain
 Domain, usually 0 for PCI bus.
std::uint8_t bus
 Bus number in domain.
std::uint8_t dev
 Device on bus.
std::uint8_t func
 Function id for multi-function devices.
int numaNodeId
 Numa node, -1 if the bus is not located inside a node.

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