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gmx::HardwareTopology::LogicalProcessor Struct Reference

#include <gromacs/hardware/hardwaretopology.h>


Information about package, core and processing unit for a logical processor.

In general, not all logical processors in the system will be visible, so the osId field can be larger than the total number of processing units in the topology.

The indices of packages, cores and PUs correspond to the indices in this hardware topology, rather than the global/physical rank in the system, meaning they are consistent with the contents of the vectors in the machine.packags[].cores[].processingUnits[] hierarchy.

Public Attributes

int puId
 Index of PU in hardware topology.
int osId
 index assigned by the operating system
int packageRankInTopology
 index of package in machine
int coreRankInPackage
 index of core in package
int processingUnitRankInCore
 index of processing unit in core
int numaNodeId
 Index of numa node.

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