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gmx::test::anonymous_namespace{freeenergyparameters.cpp}::FreeEnergyParameterTestParameters Struct Reference
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Parameters that will vary from test to test.

Public Attributes

int currentLambdaState = -1
 current state of lambda in the simulation, -1 if not set
double initLambda = -1
 Fractional value of lambda to start from, -1 if not set.
int initFepState = -1
 The initial number of the state, -1 if not set.
double deltaLambda = 0
 Change of lambda per time step (fraction of (0.1)
int nLambda = 0
 number of lambda entries
int64_t step = 0
 the current simulation step
< FreeEnergyPerturbationCouplingType,
 the expected lambda at the current simulation step More...

Member Data Documentation

gmx::EnumerationArray<FreeEnergyPerturbationCouplingType, real> gmx::test::anonymous_namespace{freeenergyparameters.cpp}::FreeEnergyParameterTestParameters::expectedLambdas
Initial value:
= { -1, -1, -1,
-1, -1, -1,
-1 }

the expected lambda at the current simulation step

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