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gmx_ana_selcollection_t Struct Reference

#include <gromacs/selection/selectioncollection_impl.h>

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Information for a collection of selections.

Public Attributes

gmx::PositionCalculationCollection pcc
 Position calculation collection used for selection position evaluation.
gmx::SelectionTreeElementPointer root
 Root of the selection element tree.
gmx::SelectionDataList sel
 Array of compiled selections. More...
int nvars
 Number of variables defined. More...
char ** varstrs
 Selection strings for variables. More...
const gmx_mtop_t * top
 Topology for the collection. More...
gmx_ana_index_t gall
 Index group that contains all the atoms. More...
 Memory pool used for selection evaluation. More...
< gmx::SelectionParserSymbolTable
 Parser symbol table.
gmx::HelpTopicPointer rootHelp
 Root of help topic tree (NULL is no help yet requested).

Member Data Documentation

gmx_ana_index_t gmx_ana_selcollection_t::gall

Index group that contains all the atoms.

gmx_sel_mempool_t* gmx_ana_selcollection_t::mempool

Memory pool used for selection evaluation.

int gmx_ana_selcollection_t::nvars

Number of variables defined.

gmx::SelectionDataList gmx_ana_selcollection_t::sel

Array of compiled selections.

Has the responsibility of managing the memory for the contained objects, but note that gmx::Selection instances also hold pointers to the objects.

const gmx_mtop_t* gmx_ana_selcollection_t::top

Topology for the collection.

char** gmx_ana_selcollection_t::varstrs

Selection strings for variables.

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