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gmx_fft_fftw3 Struct Reference


Contents of the FFTW3 fft datatype.

Note that this is one of several possible implementations of gmx_fft_t.

Public Attributes

fftwf_plan plan [2][2][2]
 FFTW plans. More...
int real_transform
 Used to catch user mistakes.
int ndim
 Number of dimensions in the FFT.

Member Data Documentation

fftwf_plan gmx_fft_fftw3::plan[2][2][2]

FFTW plans.

Three alternatives (unaligned/aligned, out-of-place/in-place, forward/backward) results in 8 different FFTW plans. Keep track of them with 3 array indices: first index: 0=unaligned, 1=aligned second index: 0=out-of-place, 1=in-place third index: 0=backward, 1=forward

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