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gmx_pme_pp Struct Reference
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Main PP-PME communication data structure.

Public Member Functions

 gmx_pme_pp (MPI_Comm simulationCommunicator, std::vector< PpRanks > &&ppRanks)

Public Attributes

MPI_Comm mpi_comm_mysim
 MPI communicator for this simulation.
std::vector< PpRanksppRanks
 The PP partner ranks.
int peerRankId
 The peer PP rank id (the last one)
gmx::HostVector< gmx::RVecx
 Vector of atom coordinates to transfer to PME ranks.
std::vector< gmx::RVecf
 Vector of atom forces received from PME ranks.
< gmx::PmeCoordinateReceiverGpu > 
 object for receiving coordinates using communications operating on GPU memory space
< gmx::PmeForceSenderGpu
 object for sending PME force using communications operating on GPU memory space
bool useGpuDirectComm = false
 whether GPU direct communications are active for PME-PP transfers
bool sendForcesDirectToPpGpu = false
 whether GPU direct communications should send forces directly to remote GPU memory
bool useMdGpuGraph = false
 Whether a GPU graph should be used to execute steps in the MD loop if run conditions allow.
bool useNvshmem = false
 Whether a NVSHMEM should be used for GPU communication if run conditions allow.
gmx::PaddedHostVector< realchargeA
 < Vectors of A- and B-state parameters used to transfer vectors to PME ranks
gmx::PaddedHostVector< realchargeB
std::vector< realsqrt_c6A
std::vector< realsqrt_c6B
std::vector< realsigmaA
std::vector< realsigmaB
std::vector< MPI_Request > req
 < Vectors of MPI objects used in non-blocking communication between multiple PP ranks per PME rank
std::vector< MPI_Status > stat

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