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gmx_sel_lexer_t Struct Reference

#include <gromacs/selection/scanner_internal.h>

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Internal data structure for the selection tokenizer state.

Public Attributes

struct gmx_ana_selcollection_tsc
 Selection collection to put parsed selections in.
std::exception_ptr exception
 Stores an exception that occurred during parsing.
bool bGroups
 Whether external index groups have been set.
struct gmx_ana_indexgrps_tgrps
 External index groups for resolving group keywords.
int nexpsel
 Number of selections at which the parser should stop.
 Writer to use for status output (if not NULL, parser is interactive).
std::string pselstr
 Pretty-printed version of the string parsed since last clear.
gmx::SelectionLocation currentLocation
 Position of the result of the current Bison action. More...
struct gmx_ana_selmethod_t ** mstack
 Stack of methods in which parameters should be looked up.
int msp
 Index of the top of the stack in mstack.
int mstack_alloc
 Number of elements allocated for mstack.
int neom
 Number of END_OF_METHOD tokens to return before nextparam.
struct gmx_ana_selparam_tnextparam
 Parameter symbol to return before resuming scanning.
bool bBoolNo
 Whether nextparam was a boolean parameter with a 'no' prefix.
const gmx::SelectionParserSymbolnextMethodSymbol
 Method symbol to return before resuming scanning. More...
int prev_pos_kw
 Used to track whether the previous token was a position modifier.
bool bMatchOf
 Whether the 'of' keyword is acceptable as the next token.
bool bMatchBool
 Whether boolean values (yes/no/on/off) are acceptable as the next token.
bool bCmdStart
 Whether the next token starts a new selection.
bool bBuffer
 Whether an external buffer is set for the scanner.
 The current buffer for the scanner.

Member Data Documentation

gmx::SelectionLocation gmx_sel_lexer_t::currentLocation

Position of the result of the current Bison action.

This identifies the part of pselstr that corresponds to the subselection that is currently being reduced by Bison.

const gmx::SelectionParserSymbol* gmx_sel_lexer_t::nextMethodSymbol

Method symbol to return before resuming scanning.

Only used when nextparam is NULL.

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