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pme_setup_t Struct Reference


Parameters and settings for one PP-PME setup.

Public Attributes

real rcut_coulomb
 Coulomb cut-off.
real rlistOuter
 cut-off for the outer pair-list
real rlistInner
 cut-off for the inner pair-list
real spacing
 (largest) PME grid spacing
ivec grid
 the PME grid dimensions
real grid_efficiency
 ineffiency factor for non-uniform grids <= 1
real ewaldcoeff_q
 Electrostatic Ewald coefficient.
real ewaldcoeff_lj
 LJ Ewald coefficient, only for the call to send_switchgrid.
struct gmx_pme_t * pmedata
 the data structure used in the PME code
int count
 number of times this setup has been timed
double cycles
 the fastest time for this setup in cycles

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