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gmx::OptionTemplate< T, U > Member List

This is the complete list of members for gmx::OptionTemplate< T, U >, including all inherited members.

allowMultiple(bool bMulti=true)gmx::OptionTemplate< T, U >inline
defaultValue(const T &defaultValue)gmx::OptionTemplate< T, U >inline
defaultValueIfSet(const T &defaultValue)gmx::OptionTemplate< T, U >inline
description(const char *descr)gmx::OptionTemplate< T, U >inline
hidden(bool bHidden=true)gmx::OptionTemplate< T, U >inline
multiValue(bool bMulti=true)gmx::OptionTemplate< T, U >inline
MyClass typedefgmx::OptionTemplate< T, U >
required(bool bRequired=true)gmx::OptionTemplate< T, U >inline
store(T *store)gmx::OptionTemplate< T, U >inline
storeCount(int *countptr)gmx::OptionTemplate< T, U >inline
storeIsSet(bool *store)gmx::OptionTemplate< T, U >inline
storeVector(std::vector< T > *store)gmx::OptionTemplate< T, U >inline
valueCount(int count)gmx::OptionTemplate< T, U >inline
ValueType typedefgmx::OptionTemplate< T, U >
~AbstractOption() (defined in gmx::AbstractOption)gmx::AbstractOptioninlinevirtual