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t_matrix Struct Reference

#include <gromacs/fileio/matio.h>


A matrix of integers, plus supporting values, such as used in XPM output.

Public Attributes

unsigned int flags = 0
 Defines if x and y are spatial dimensions. See comments on MAT_*.
int nx = 0
 Size of the matrix in x.
int ny = 0
 Size of the matrix in y.
std::string title
 Matrix title.
std::string legend
 Label for the continuous legend.
std::string label_x
 Label for the x-axis.
std::string label_y
 Label for the y-axis.
bool bDiscrete = false
 Whether the quantity described is discrete or continuous.
std::vector< realaxis_x
 The x-ticklabels.
std::vector< realaxis_y
 The y-ticklabels.
DynamicMatrix2D< t_matelmt > matrix
 Element x,y is matrix(x, y)
std::vector< t_mappingmap
 Color levels for the output(?)

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