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sycl_kernel_utils.h File Reference
#include "gmxsycl.h"


SYCL kernel helper functions.

Andrey Alekseenko


struct  AmdPackedFloat3
 Special packed Float3 flavor to help compiler optimizations on AMD CDNA2 devices. More...


#define SYCL_ASSERT(condition)


constexpr bool compilingForHost ()
template<int expectedSubGroupSize>
constexpr bool compilingForSubGroupSize ()
template<int expectedSubGroupSize>
constexpr bool skipKernelCompilation ()
template<typename T , sycl::memory_scope MemoryScope, sycl::access::address_space AddressSpace>
static void atomicAddDefault (T &val, const T delta)
template<typename T , sycl::memory_scope MemoryScope = sycl::memory_scope::device, sycl::access::address_space AddressSpace = sycl::access::address_space::global_space>
static void atomicFetchAdd (T &val, const T delta)
 Convenience wrapper to do atomic addition to a global buffer.
template<typename T >
static void atomicFetchAddLocal (T &val, const T delta)
template<typename T , sycl::memory_scope MemoryScope = sycl::memory_scope::device>
static T atomicLoad (T &val)
 Convenience wrapper to do atomic loads from a global buffer.
 __attribute__ ((always_inline)) static AmdPackedFloat3 operator*(const AmdPackedFloat3 &v
template<int Dim>
static void subGroupBarrier (const sycl::nd_item< Dim > itemIdx)
 Issue an intra sub-group barrier. More...


static constexpr unsigned int c_cudaFullWarpMask = 0xffffffff
 Full warp active thread mask used in CUDA warp-level primitives.
const float & s
const AmdPackedFloat3v

Function Documentation

template<int Dim>
static void subGroupBarrier ( const sycl::nd_item< Dim >  itemIdx)

Issue an intra sub-group barrier.

Equivalent with CUDA's syncwarp(c_cudaFullWarpMask).

Variable Documentation

const float& s
Initial value:
return { v.xy() * s, v.z() * s }
const AmdPackedFloat3& v
Initial value:
return { v.xy() * s, v.z() * s }