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atomdata.h File Reference
#include <cstdio>
#include <memory>
#include <optional>
#include "gromacs/gpu_utils/devicebuffer_datatype.h"
#include "gromacs/gpu_utils/hostallocator.h"
#include "gromacs/math/vectypes.h"
#include "gromacs/mdtypes/locality.h"
#include "gromacs/utility/bitmask.h"
#include "gromacs/utility/real.h"
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Functionality for per-atom data in the nbnxm module.

Berk Hess


class  gmx::EnergyAccumulator< bool, bool >
 Base energy accumulator class, only specializations are used. More...
struct  nbnxn_atomdata_output_t
 Struct that holds force and energy output buffers. More...
struct  nbnxn_atomdata_t
 Struct that stores atom related data for the nbnxn module. More...
struct  nbnxn_atomdata_t::Params
 The actual atom data parameter values. More...
struct  nbnxn_atomdata_t::SimdMasks
 Diagonal and topology exclusion helper data for all SIMD kernels. More...


 Block size in atoms for the non-bonded thread force-buffer reduction. More...
 We store the reduction flags as gmx_bitmask_t. This limits the number of flags to BITMASK_SIZE.


template<typename T >
using AlignedVector = std::vector< T, gmx::AlignedAllocator< T >>
 Convenience type for vector with aligned memory.


enum  { nbatXYZ, nbatXYZQ, nbatX4, nbatX8 }
enum  LJCombinationRule : int { LJCombinationRule::Geometric, LJCombinationRule::LorentzBerthelot, LJCombinationRule::None, LJCombinationRule::Count }
 LJ combination rules. More...


template<int packSize>
static int atom_to_x_index (int a)
 Returns the index in a coordinate array corresponding to atom a.
const char * enumValueToString (LJCombinationRule enumValue)
 String corresponding to LJ combination rule.
void copy_rvec_to_nbat_real (const int *a, int na, int na_round, const rvec *x, int nbatFormat, real *xnb, int a0)
 Copy na rvec elements from x to xnb using nbatFormat, start dest a0, and fills up to na_round with coordinates that are far away.
void nbnxn_atomdata_set (nbnxn_atomdata_t *nbat, const Nbnxm::GridSet &gridSet, gmx::ArrayRef< const int > atomTypes, gmx::ArrayRef< const real > atomCharges, gmx::ArrayRef< const int64_t > atomInfo)
 Sets the atomdata after pair search.
void nbnxn_atomdata_copy_shiftvec (bool dynamic_box, gmx::ArrayRef< gmx::RVec > shift_vec, nbnxn_atomdata_t *nbat)
 Copy the shift vectors to nbat.
void nbnxn_atomdata_copy_x_to_nbat_x (const Nbnxm::GridSet &gridSet, gmx::AtomLocality locality, const rvec *coordinates, nbnxn_atomdata_t *nbat)
 Transform coordinates to xbat layout. More...
void nbnxn_atomdata_x_to_nbat_x_gpu (const Nbnxm::GridSet &gridSet, gmx::AtomLocality locality, NbnxmGpu *gpu_nbv, DeviceBuffer< gmx::RVec > d_x, GpuEventSynchronizer *xReadyOnDevice)
 Transform coordinates to xbat layout on GPU. More...
void nbnxn_atomdata_add_nbat_fshift_to_fshift (const nbnxn_atomdata_t &nbat, gmx::ArrayRef< gmx::RVec > fshift)
 Add the fshift force stored in nbat to fshift.


static constexpr int STRIDE_XYZ = 3
 Stride for coordinate/force arrays with xyz coordinate storage.
static constexpr int STRIDE_XYZQ = 4
 Stride for coordinate/force arrays with xyzq coordinate storage.
static constexpr int c_packX4 = 4
 Size of packs of x, y or z with SIMD 4-grouped packed coordinates/forces.
static constexpr int c_packX8 = 8
 Size of packs of x, y or z with SIMD 8-grouped packed coordinates/forces.
static constexpr int STRIDE_P4 = DIM * c_packX4
 Stridefor a pack of 4 coordinates/forces.
static constexpr int STRIDE_P8 = DIM * c_packX8
 Stridefor a pack of 8 coordinates/forces.

Macro Definition Documentation


Block size in atoms for the non-bonded thread force-buffer reduction.

Should be a multiple of all cell and x86 SIMD sizes (i.e. 2, 4 and 8). Should be small to reduce the reduction and zeroing cost, but too small will result in overhead. Currently the block size is NBNXN_BUFFERFLAG_SIZE*3*sizeof(real)=192 bytes.

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum LJCombinationRule : int

LJ combination rules.






No rule.


Size of the enum.

Function Documentation

void nbnxn_atomdata_copy_x_to_nbat_x ( const Nbnxm::GridSet gridSet,
gmx::AtomLocality  locality,
const rvec coordinates,
nbnxn_atomdata_t nbat 

Transform coordinates to xbat layout.

Creates a copy of the coordinates buffer using short-range ordering.

[in]gridSetThe grids data.
[in]localityIf the transformation should be applied to local or non local coordinates.
[in]coordinatesCoordinates in plain rvec format.
[in,out]nbatData in NBNXM format, used for mapping formats and to locate the output buffer.
void nbnxn_atomdata_x_to_nbat_x_gpu ( const Nbnxm::GridSet gridSet,
gmx::AtomLocality  locality,
NbnxmGpu gpu_nbv,
DeviceBuffer< gmx::RVec d_x,
GpuEventSynchronizer *  xReadyOnDevice 

Transform coordinates to xbat layout on GPU.

Creates a GPU copy of the coordinates buffer using short-range ordering. As input, uses coordinates in plain rvec format in GPU memory.

[in]gridSetThe grids data.
[in]localityIf the transformation should be applied to local or non local coordinates.
[in,out]gpu_nbvThe NBNXM GPU data structure.
[in]d_xCoordinates to be copied (in plain rvec format).
[in]xReadyOnDeviceEvent synchronizer indicating that the coordinates are ready in the device memory. If there is no need to wait for any event (e.g., the wait has already been enqueued into the appropriate stream), it can be nullptr.