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gmx::GaussTransform3D::Impl Class Reference
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Private implementation class for GaussTransform3D.

Public Member Functions

 Impl (const dynamicExtents3D &extent, const GaussianSpreadKernelParameters::Shape &kernelShapeParameters)
 Construct from extent and spreading width and range.
 Impl (const Impl &other)=default
 Copy constructor.
Imploperator= (const Impl &other)=default
 Copy assignment.
void add (const GaussianSpreadKernelParameters::PositionAndAmplitude &localParamters)
 Add another gaussian.

Public Attributes

BasicVector< double > sigma_
 The width of the Gaussian in lattice spacing units.
IVec spreadRange_
 The spread range in lattice points.
MultiDimArray< std::vector
< float >, dynamicExtents3D
 The result of the Gauss transform.
OuterProductEvaluator outerProductZY_
 The outer product of a Gaussian along the z and y dimension.
< GaussianOn1DLattice, DIM > 
 The three one-dimensional Gaussians, whose outer product is added to the Gauss transform.

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