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gmx::IDomDecHelperClient Class Referenceabstract

#include <gromacs/modularsimulator/modularsimulatorinterfaces.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for gmx::IDomDecHelperClient:


Client interface of the DomDecHelper class.

Classes implementing this interface will register with the DomDecHelper builder object. Before the simulation, the DomDecHelper builder will call the clients' registerDomDecCallback() function and build a list of callbacks to be passed to the DomDecHelper. After every time the DomDecHelper object performed system partitioning, it will use the callbacks to inform the clients that a re-partitioning has happened.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~IDomDecHelperClient ()=default
 Standard virtual destructor.
virtual DomDecCallback registerDomDecCallback ()=0
 Register function to be informed about system re-partitioning.

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