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gmx::IHelpTopic Class Referenceabstract

#include <gromacs/onlinehelp/ihelptopic.h>

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Provides a single online help topic.

Implementations of these methods should not throw, except that writeHelp() is allowed to throw on out-of-memory or I/O errors since those it cannot avoid.

Header helptopic.h contains classes that implement this interface and make it simple to write concrete help topic classes.

Public Member Functions

virtual const char * name () const =0
 Returns the name of the topic. More...
virtual const char * title () const =0
 Returns a title for the topic. More...
virtual bool hasSubTopics () const =0
 Returns whether the topic has any subtopics.
virtual const IHelpTopicfindSubTopic (const char *name) const =0
 Finds a subtopic by name. More...
virtual void writeHelp (const HelpWriterContext &context) const =0
 Prints the help text for this topic. More...

Member Function Documentation

virtual const IHelpTopic* gmx::IHelpTopic::findSubTopic ( const char *  name) const
pure virtual

Finds a subtopic by name.

[in]nameName of subtopic to find.
Pointer to the found subtopic, or NULL if matching topic is not found.

Implemented in gmx::anonymous_namespace{cmdlinehelpmodule.cpp}::ModuleHelpTopic, gmx::anonymous_namespace{cmdlinehelpmodule.cpp}::CommandsHelpTopic, gmx::AbstractCompositeHelpTopic, and gmx::AbstractSimpleHelpTopic.

virtual const char* gmx::IHelpTopic::name ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual const char* gmx::IHelpTopic::title ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual void gmx::IHelpTopic::writeHelp ( const HelpWriterContext context) const
pure virtual

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