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gmx::IOptionsContainerWithSections Class Referenceabstract

#include <gromacs/options/ioptionscontainerwithsections.h>

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Interface for adding input options with sections.

This interface extends IOptionsContainer with an additional addSection() method that supports creating a hierarchy of sections for the options.

Header optionsection.h provides OptionSection.

Public Member Functions

template<class SectionType >
SectionType::HandleType addSection (const SectionType &section)
 Adds a section to this collection. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from gmx::IOptionsContainer
virtual IOptionsContaineraddGroup ()=0
 Creates a subgroup of options within the current options. More...
template<class OptionType >
OptionType::InfoType * addOption (const OptionType &settings)
 Adds a recognized option. More...

Protected Member Functions

addSectionImpl (const AbstractOptionSection &section)=0
 Adds a section to this container. More...
 GMX_DEFAULT_CONSTRUCTORS (IOptionsContainerWithSections)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from gmx::IOptionsContainer
virtual OptionInfoaddOptionImpl (const AbstractOption &settings)=0
 Adds a recognized option. More...

Member Function Documentation

template<class SectionType >
SectionType::HandleType gmx::IOptionsContainerWithSections::addSection ( const SectionType &  section)

Adds a section to this collection.

Template Parameters
SectionTypeType of the section description object.
[in]sectionSection description.
AbstractOptionSectionHandle object for the created option.
APIErrorif invalid option settings are provided.

Options can be added to the section through the returned handle.

SectionType::HandleType must specify a type that derives from AbstractinOptionSectionHandle and has a suitable constructor.

virtual internal::OptionSectionImpl* gmx::IOptionsContainerWithSections::addSectionImpl ( const AbstractOptionSection section)
protectedpure virtual

Adds a section to this container.

[in]sectionSection description.
Pointer to the internal section representation object.

Implemented in gmx::internal::OptionSectionImpl.

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