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gmx::MDLogger Class Reference

#include <gromacs/utility/include/gromacs/utility/logger.h>

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Declares a logging interface.

Typically, this object is not created directly, but instead through LoggerBuilder.

For now, this is named MDLogger, since it is used only there, and it is not clear whether the logging levels can be the same throughout the code. It should be relatively straightforward to split this into multiple classes with different supported logging levels without changing calling code, or to rename it to Logger if we do not need any specialization.

Public Types

enum  LogLevel {
  Error, Warning, Info, Debug,
  VerboseDebug, Count
 Supported logging levels.

Public Member Functions

 MDLogger (ILogTarget *targets[LogLevelCount])
 Creates a logger with the given targets.

Public Attributes

LogLevelHelper warning
 For writing at LogLevel::Warning level.
LogLevelHelper error
 For writing at LogLevel::Error level.
LogLevelHelper debug
 For writing at LogLevel::Debug level.
LogLevelHelper verboseDebug
 For writing at LogLevel::VerboseDebug level.
LogLevelHelper info
 For writing at LogLevel::Info level.

Static Public Attributes

static const int LogLevelCount = static_cast<int>(LogLevel::Count)
 Number of logging levels.

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