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gmx::OptionManagerContainer Class Reference

#include <gromacs/options/optionmanagercontainer.h>


Container to keep managers added with Options::addManager() and pass them to options.

Consistency of the managers (e.g., that there is at most one manager of a certain type) is only checked when the managers are accessed.

Public Member Functions

bool empty () const
 Returns true if there are no managers.
void add (IOptionManager *manager)
 Adds a manager to the container.
template<class ManagerType >
ManagerType * get () const
 Retrieves a manager of a certain type. More...

Member Function Documentation

template<class ManagerType >
ManagerType* gmx::OptionManagerContainer::get ( ) const

Retrieves a manager of a certain type.

Template Parameters
ManagerTypeType of manager to retrieve (should derive from IOptionManager).
The manager, or NULL if there is none.

This method is used in AbstractOption::createStorage() to retrieve a manager of a certain type for options that use a manager.

The return value is NULL if there is no manager of the given type. The caller needs to handle this (either by asserting, or by handling the manager as optional).

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