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gmx::PullCoordExpressionParser Class Reference

#include <gromacs/pulling/pullcoordexpressionparser.h>


Class with a mathematical expression and parser.

The class handles parser instantiation from an mathematical expression, e.g. 'x1*x2', and evaluates the expression given the variables' numerical values.

Note that for performance reasons you should not create a new PullCoordExpressionParser for every evaluation. Instead, instantiate one PullCoordExpressionParser per expression, then update the variables before the next evaluation.

Public Member Functions

 PullCoordExpressionParser (const std::string &expression, int numVariables, bool allowTimeAsVariable)
 Constructor which takes a mathematical expression and the number of variables as arguments.
double evaluate (ArrayRef< const double > variables)
 Evaluates the expression with the numerical values passed in variables.

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