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gmx::SelectionParserSymbolTable::Impl Class Reference


Private implementation class for SelectionParserSymbolTable.

All methods in this class may throw std::bad_alloc if out of memory.

Public Types

typedef std::unique_ptr
< SelectionParserSymbol
 Smart pointer type for managing a SelectionParserSymbol.
typedef std::map< std::string,
 Container type for the list of symbols.

Public Member Functions

void addSymbol (SymbolPointer symbol)
 Adds a symbol to the symbol list. More...
void addReservedSymbols ()
 Adds the reserved symbols to this symbol table.
void addPositionSymbols ()
 Adds the position symbols to this symbol table.

Public Attributes

SymbolMap symbols_
 Symbols in this symbol table.

Member Function Documentation

void gmx::SelectionParserSymbolTable::Impl::addSymbol ( SymbolPointer  symbol)

Adds a symbol to the symbol list.

[in]symbolSymbol to add.

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