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gmx::anonymous_namespace{cmdlinehelpmodule.cpp}::ModuleHelpTopic Class Reference
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Help topic wrapper for a command-line module.

This class implements IHelpTopic such that it wraps a ICommandLineModule, allowing subcommand "help <command>" to produce the help for "<command>".

Public Member Functions

 ModuleHelpTopic (const ICommandLineModule &module, const CommandLineHelpModuleImpl &helpModule)
 Constructs a help topic for a specific module.
const char * name () const override
 Returns the name of the topic. More...
const char * title () const override
 Returns a title for the topic. More...
bool hasSubTopics () const override
 Returns whether the topic has any subtopics.
const IHelpTopicfindSubTopic (const char *) const override
 Finds a subtopic by name. More...
void writeHelp (const HelpWriterContext &context) const override
 Prints the help text for this topic. More...

Member Function Documentation

const IHelpTopic* gmx::anonymous_namespace{cmdlinehelpmodule.cpp}::ModuleHelpTopic::findSubTopic ( const char *  name) const

Finds a subtopic by name.

[in]nameName of subtopic to find.
Pointer to the found subtopic, or NULL if matching topic is not found.

Implements gmx::IHelpTopic.

const char* gmx::anonymous_namespace{cmdlinehelpmodule.cpp}::ModuleHelpTopic::name ( ) const

Returns the name of the topic.

This should be a single lowercase word, used to identify the topic. It is not used for the root of the help topic tree.

Implements gmx::IHelpTopic.

const char* gmx::anonymous_namespace{cmdlinehelpmodule.cpp}::ModuleHelpTopic::title ( ) const

Returns a title for the topic.

May return NULL, in which case the topic is omitted from normal subtopic lists and no title is printed by the methods provided in helptopic.h.

Implements gmx::IHelpTopic.

void gmx::anonymous_namespace{cmdlinehelpmodule.cpp}::ModuleHelpTopic::writeHelp ( const HelpWriterContext context) const

Prints the help text for this topic.

[in]contextContext object for writing the help.
std::bad_allocif out of memory.
FileIOErroron any I/O error.

Implements gmx::IHelpTopic.

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