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gmx::internal::BasicHistogramImpl Class Reference
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Base class for private implementation classes for histogram modules.

Actual implementation classes are derived from this and add an accumulation data member that is specific to the histogram type in question. This is done like this to keep implementation details out of the header, and to not unnecessarily duplicate code.

Public Types

typedef std::shared_ptr
< BasicAverageHistogramModule
 Smart pointer to manage an BasicAverageHistogramModule object.

Public Member Functions

 BasicHistogramImpl (const AnalysisHistogramSettings &settings)
 Creates an histogram impl with defined bin parameters.
void init (const AnalysisHistogramSettings &settings)
 (Re)initializes the histogram from settings.

Public Attributes

AnalysisDataStorage storage_
 Storage implementation object.
AnalysisHistogramSettings settings_
 Settings for the histogram object.
BasicAverageHistogramModulePointer averager_
 Averager module.

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