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gmx::test::internal::TestReferenceDataImpl Class Reference


Private implementation class for TestReferenceData.

Public Member Functions

 TestReferenceDataImpl (ReferenceDataMode mode, bool bSelfTestMode, std::optional< std::filesystem::path > testNameOverride)
 Initializes a checker in the given mode.
void onTestEnd (bool testPassed) const
 Performs final reference data processing when test ends.

Public Attributes

std::filesystem::path fullFilename_
 Full path of the reference data file.
ReferenceDataEntry::EntryPointer compareRootEntry_
 Root entry for comparing the reference data. More...
ReferenceDataEntry::EntryPointer outputRootEntry_
 Root entry for writing new reference data. More...
bool updateMismatchingEntries_
 Whether updating existing reference data.
bool bSelfTestMode_
 true if self-testing (enables extra failure messages).
bool bInUse_
 Whether any reference checkers have been created for this data.

Member Data Documentation

ReferenceDataEntry::EntryPointer gmx::test::internal::TestReferenceDataImpl::compareRootEntry_

Root entry for comparing the reference data.

Null after construction iff in compare mode and reference data was not loaded successfully. In all write modes, copies are present for nodes added to outputRootEntry_, and ReferenceDataEntry::correspondingOutputEntry() points to the copy in the output tree.

ReferenceDataEntry::EntryPointer gmx::test::internal::TestReferenceDataImpl::outputRootEntry_

Root entry for writing new reference data.

Null if only comparing against existing data. Otherwise, starts always as empty. When creating new reference data, this is maintained as a copy of compareRootEntry_. When updating existing data, entries are added either by copying from compareRootEntry_ (if they exist and comparison passes), or by creating new ones.

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