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hsimd_declarations.h File Reference
#include "gromacs/simd/simd.h"
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Declares all Hsimd functions that are not supported.

Including the file simd.h present in the same module conditionally gives access to SIMD functions that load, store and operate on full SIMD width data. On some architectures functions are available for loading and storing half SIMD width data (and duplicating it); this functionality is termed "HSIMD". Including this file is useful for avoiding C-preprocessing conditionals of the form: if GMX_SIMD_HAVE_HSIMD_UTIL_REAL in templated functions that use Hsimd functions within constexpr conditionals.

This file can be included unconditionally, as it only declares the HSIMD functions when they are not defined through including simd.h.

Berk Hess