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anonymous_namespace{domain_decomposition.cpp} Namespace Reference


class  DomDecSpecialCasesTest
 Test fixture for domain decomposition special cases. More...


using NonbondedFlavor = OffloadFlavor
using UpdateFlavor = OffloadFlavor
using PmeFlavor = OffloadFlavor
using MdpFlavor = std::tuple< ElectrostaticsFlavor, CouplingFlavor >
 Tuple containing parameters for MDP/TPR file generation.
using RuntimeFlavor = std::tuple< NonbondedFlavor, PmeFlavor, UpdateFlavor, SeparatePmeRankFlavor >
 Tuple containing parameters for mdrun command line.
using DomDecSpecialCasesTestParameters = std::tuple< MdpFlavor, RuntimeFlavor >
 Parameters for parametrized test fixture.


enum  ElectrostaticsFlavor : int { ReactionField, Pme, Count }
enum  CouplingFlavor : int { No, TemperatureAndPressure, Count }
enum  OffloadFlavor : int { Cpu, Gpu, Count }
enum  SeparatePmeRankFlavor : int { None = 0, One = 1, Two = 2, Count }


const char * enumValueToString (const ElectrostaticsFlavor enumValue)
const char * enumValueToString (const CouplingFlavor enumValue)
const char * enumValueToString (const OffloadFlavor enumValue)
std::optional< std::string > reasonsTestIsInvalid (MdpFlavor mdpFlavor, RuntimeFlavor runtimeFlavor, bool gmx_unused haveCompatibleDevices)
 Verify whether the test configuration is valid and worth running.
std::string nameOfTest (const testing::TestParamInfo< DomDecSpecialCasesTestParameters > &info)
 Help GoogleTest name our tests.
std::string buildMdpInputFileContent (MdpFlavor mdpFlavor)
 Generate the contents of the MDP file.
gmx::test::CommandLine buildMdrunCommandLine (RuntimeFlavor runtimeFlavor)
 Generate the mdrun command line.


constexpr std::array
< MdpFlavor, 4 > 
constexpr std::array
< OffloadFlavor, 1 > 
sc_offloadFlavors { OffloadFlavor::Cpu }

Variable Documentation

constexpr std::array<MdpFlavor, 4> anonymous_namespace{domain_decomposition.cpp}::sc_mdpFlavors
Initial value:
= {
std::make_tuple(ElectrostaticsFlavor::ReactionField, CouplingFlavor::No),
std::make_tuple(ElectrostaticsFlavor::ReactionField, CouplingFlavor::TemperatureAndPressure),
std::make_tuple(ElectrostaticsFlavor::Pme, CouplingFlavor::No),
std::make_tuple(ElectrostaticsFlavor::Pme, CouplingFlavor::TemperatureAndPressure),