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gmx::anonymous_namespace{findallgputasks.cpp} Namespace Reference


std::vector< int > allgather (const int &input, int numRanks, MPI_Comm communicator)
 Helper function to prepare to all-gather the vector of non-bonded tasks on this node.
std::vector< int > computeDisplacements (ArrayRef< const int > extentOnEachRank, int numRanks)
 Helper function to compute allgatherv displacements.
std::vector< GpuTaskallgatherv (ArrayRef< const GpuTask > input, ArrayRef< const int > extentOnEachRank, ArrayRef< const int > displacementForEachRank, MPI_Comm communicator)
 Helper function to all-gather the vector of all GPU tasks on ranks of this node.


constexpr bool g_usingMpi = GMX_MPI
 Constant used to help minimize preprocessing of code.