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gmx::anonymous_namespace{updategroups.cpp} Namespace Reference


class  UpdateGroupsTest
 Test fixture class. More...


gmx_moltype_t flexibleEthaneUA ()
 Returns a flexible ethane united-atom molecule.
gmx_moltype_t ethaneUA ()
 Returns an ethane united-atom molecule.
gmx_moltype_t methane ()
 Returns a methane molecule.
gmx_moltype_t ethane ()
 Returns an ethane molecule.
gmx_moltype_t butaneUA ()
 Returns a butane fully-constrained united-atom molecule.
gmx_moltype_t waterThreeSite ()
 Returns a three-site water molecule.
gmx_moltype_t waterFourSite ()
 Returns a four-site water molecule with virtual site.
gmx_moltype_t waterFlexAngle ()
 Returns a water molecule with flexible angle.