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oclraii.h File Reference
#include "gromacs/gpu_utils/gmxopencl.h"
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Declare RAII helpers for OpenCL types, along with supporting type traits.

Mark Abraham


struct  gmx::OpenClTraits< cl_type >
 Stub for OpenCL type traits. More...
struct  gmx::OpenClTraitsBase< cl_type >
 Implements common trait infrastructure for OpenCL types. More...
struct  gmx::OpenClTraits< cl_context >
 Implements traits for cl_context. More...
struct  gmx::OpenClTraits< cl_command_queue >
 Implements traits for cl_command_queue. More...
struct  gmx::OpenClTraits< cl_program >
 Implements traits for cl_program. More...
struct  gmx::OpenClTraits< cl_kernel >
 Implements traits for cl_kernel. More...
class  gmx::ClHandle< cl_type >
 Wrapper of OpenCL type cl_type to implement RAII. More...


using gmx::ClContext = ClHandle< cl_context >
 Convenience declarations.
using gmx::ClCommandQueue = ClHandle< cl_command_queue >
using gmx::ClProgram = ClHandle< cl_program >
using gmx::ClKernel = ClHandle< cl_kernel >