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Nbnxm::GridSet::DomainSetup Struct Reference

#include <gromacs/nbnxm/gridset.h>


Description of the domain setup: PBC and the connections between domains.

Public Member Functions

 DomainSetup (PbcType pbcType, bool doTestParticleInsertion, const gmx::IVec *numDDCells, const gmx_domdec_zones_t *ddZones)
 Constructor, without DD numDDCells and ddZones should be nullptr.

Public Attributes

PbcType pbcType_
 The type of PBC.
bool doTestParticleInsertion_
 Tells whether we are doing test-particle insertion.
bool haveMultipleDomains
 Are there multiple domains?
std::array< bool, DIM > haveMultipleDomainsPerDim
 Are there multiple domains along each dimension?
const gmx_domdec_zones_t * zones
 The domain decomposition zone setup.

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