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gmx::BuildMDModulesNotifier< CurrentCallParameter, CallParameter...> Struct Template Reference

#include <gromacs/mdrunutility/mdmodulesnotifier.h>


template<class CurrentCallParameter, class... CallParameter>
struct gmx::BuildMDModulesNotifier< CurrentCallParameter, CallParameter...>

Template specialization to assemble MDModulesNotifier.

Assembly of MDModulesNotifier is performed by recursively taking off the front of the CallParameter parameter pack and constructing the nested type definition of MDModulesNotifier base classes.

Template Parameters
CurrentCallParameterfront of the template parameter pack
CallParameterrest of the callback types

Public Types

using next_type = typename BuildMDModulesNotifier< CallParameter...>::type
 The next type with rest of the arguments with the front parameter removed.
using type = MDModulesNotifier< CurrentCallParameter, next_type >
 The type of the MDModulesNotifier.

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