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gmx::InterdependentTask Struct Reference


Data structure for thread tasks that use constructing atoms outside their own atom range.

Public Attributes

InteractionLists ilist
 The interaction lists, only vsite entries are used.
std::vector< RVecforce
 Thread/task-local force buffer.
std::vector< int > vsite
 The atom indices of the vsites of our task.
std::vector< bool > use
 Flags if elements in force are spread to or not.
int nuse = 0
 The number of entries set to true in use.
std::vector< AtomIndexatomIndex
 Array of atoms indices, size nthreads, covering all nuse set elements in use.
std::vector< int > spreadTask
 List of tasks (force blocks) this task spread forces to.
std::vector< int > reduceTask
 List of tasks that write to this tasks force block range.

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