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gmx::IsSerializableType< T > Struct Template Reference

#include <gromacs/mdtypes/checkpointdata.h>


template<typename T>
struct gmx::IsSerializableType< T >

Struct allowing to check if data is serializable through the KeyValueTree serializer.

This list of types is copied from ValueSerializer::initSerializers() Having this here allows us to catch errors at compile time instead of having cryptic runtime errors

Static Public Attributes

static bool const value

Member Data Documentation

template<typename T >
bool const gmx::IsSerializableType< T >::value
Initial value:
= std::is_same<T, std::string>::value || std::is_same<T, bool>::value
|| std::is_same<T, int>::value || std::is_same<T, int64_t>::value
|| std::is_same<T, float>::value || std::is_same<T, double>::value

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