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gmx::test::anonymous_namespace{nb_free_energy.cpp}::ListInput Struct Reference
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Input structure for nonbonded fep kernel.

Public Member Functions

 ListInput ()
 ListInput (float ftol, double dtol)
 Constructor with tolerance. More...
ListInput setInteraction (CoulombInteractionType coulType, VanDerWaalsType vdwType, InteractionModifiers vdwMod)
 Set parameters for nonbonded interaction. More...

Public Attributes

int fType = F_LJ
 Function type.
float floatToler = 1e-6
 Tolerance for float evaluation.
double doubleToler = 1e-8
 Tolerance for double evaluation.
AtomData atoms
 atom parameters
ForcerecHelper frHelper
 forcerec helper

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gmx::test::anonymous_namespace{nb_free_energy.cpp}::ListInput::ListInput ( float  ftol,
double  dtol 

Constructor with tolerance.

[in]ftolSingle precision tolerance
[in]dtolDouble precision tolerance

Member Function Documentation

ListInput gmx::test::anonymous_namespace{nb_free_energy.cpp}::ListInput::setInteraction ( CoulombInteractionType  coulType,
VanDerWaalsType  vdwType,
InteractionModifiers  vdwMod 

Set parameters for nonbonded interaction.

[in]coulTypecoulomb type
[in]vdwTypevdw type
[in]vdwModvdw potential modifier

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