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File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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| \+include
o-docsBuild system and source code for various documentation items
|\-doxygenDoxygen build system and general documentation content
o-shareDirectory that contains installed data files
|\-templateTemplate code for writing analysis programs
| \*template.cppTemplate code for writing analysis programs
\-srcMain source code directory
 o-gromacsSource code for building the libgromacs library
 |o+analysisdataParallelizable Handling of Output Data (analysisdata)
 |o+commandlineCommand Line Program Management (commandline)
 |o+compatC++ standard library compatibility helpers.
 |o+onlinehelpHelp Formatting for Online Help (onlinehelp)
 |o+optionsExtensible Handling of Options (options)
 |o+selectionParsing and Evaluation of Analysis Selections (selection)
 |o+simdSIMD intrinsics interface (simd)
 |o+trajectoryanalysisFramework for Trajectory Analysis (trajectoryanalysis)
 |o+utilityLow-Level Utilities (utility)
 |\*utility.hPublic API convenience header for low-level utilities
 |\*gmxpre.hPrerequisite header file for GROMACS build
 o-programsSource code for building executables, see Wrapper binary implementation
 |\+mdrunSource code specific to mdrun
 \-testutilsTesting Utilities (testutils)
  o+testsUnit tests for Testing Utilities (testutils)