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This page is linked for the convenience of current GROMACS developers. Normal users should refer to the documentation for their numbered version.

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Releases no longer being maintained

Those branches are no longer maintained, please see here for an explanation.

For older versions, have a look at ftp://ftp.gromacs.org/pub/manual.

Branch maintenance policy

Two versions of GROMACS are under active maintenance, the 2022 series and the 2021 series. In the latter, only highly conservative fixes will be made, and only to address issues that affect scientific correctness. Naturally, some of those releases will be made after the year 2021 ends, but we keep 2021 in the name so users understand how up to date their version is. Such fixes will also be incorporated into the 2022 release series, as appropriate. Around the time the 2023 release is made, the 2021 series will no longer be maintained.