New and improved features#

GROMACS build is now more reproducible#

The build system no longer embeds information about who built the binary and where. We used to include this information to help troubleshoot problems and ensure checkpoint continuations are exact where possible, but this does not seem necessary. This makes the build closer to reproducible by default which is useful for projects that offer distributions of reproducible software, including GROMACS.

Update gmx cluster to write correct PDB files and index files with cluster frames#

PDB files from gmx cluster were missing the CRYST header for box information, making it more difficult than needed to use them with our GROMACS tools. Also, the index files needed for gmx trjconv to split up trajectories into frames corresponding to the clusters were not written. This adds support for writing this index file as well as proper PDB files.

Allow using COM of previous step as PBC reference#

Added an option (pull-pbc-ref-from-prev-step-com), when pulling, to use the COM of the group of the previous step, to calculate PBC jumps instead of a reference atom, which can sometimes move a lot during the simulation. With this option the PBC reference atom is only used at initialization. This can be of use when using large pull groups or groups with potentially large relative movement of atoms.

Transitional external API headers and library#

Library access to GROMACS is transitioning to new infrastructure. gmxapi 0.0.7 provides abstractions for execution environment and simulation work, as well as development tools for extending MD simulation code without patching the GROMACS source. Client code may be built against a GROMACS installation. MD plugin code may apply externally calculated forces (see restraint module) or issue simulation stop signals through session resources available at run time to registered plugins. For more project information and use cases, refer to the tracked Issue 2585 and to DOI 10.1093/bioinformatics/bty484. For a few examples of building on and extending GROMACS, refer to the Python package and sample restraint plugin repository.

Restraint module for gmxapi MD extension code#

Provides functionality that was previously accessed by modifying the “pull” code in the GROMACS source. Client software may be built against an unmodified GROMACS installation. Separately compiled MD extensions can be registered with the new Restraint functionality at run time using simulation client code built with the new gmxapi tools. (See above.)

Enable output of average pull forces and positions#

Normally the pull module writes instantaneous output of positions and forces, however now it can write the average of these values over the period since the last output. This works correctly even if a checkpoint restart intervened. This is enabled using the new options pull-fout-average and pull-xout-average.